Charity Crochet

Key hole scarves, neck warmers, traditional scarf


Hearts for Early Pregnancy Units
Baby Blankets for various charities through Loving Hands


Ponchos for charities through Loving Hands
January 2020 - Baby Blanket, Teddies and Bags for Shoe Box Appeal


November 2019 - Crocheted unicorn basket for friend. 
November/December 2019 - Knitted dolls for 2020 shoe boxes
Autumn 2019 - Hats for 2020 shoe boxes
Autumn 2019 - Hand puppets & Book Marks for 2020 shoe boxes

Autumn 2019 - Doll's dresses
Summer 2019 - Handbags for Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital Dementia Unit

Summer 2019 - Heart blanket
September 2018 - Sent to Loving Hands for Ronald McDonald charity

August 2018 -  Daisy Blanket and Pink Flower Blanket to MRI Palliative Care and baby blanket to Loving Hands
July 2018 - Blue Squares Blanket to MRI Palliative Care
July 2018 - Loving Hands, 2 lap blankets and a baby blanket

June 2018 - more wiggly bags for boys, lap quilt and lap blanket for MRI Palliative Care. 

May 2018 - wiggly bags for children with hickman lines
May 2018 - 2 lap quilts for Manchester Royal Infirmary Palliative Care Dept
April 2018 - hearts for Bournemouth Hospital Memory Bags
March 2018 - poncho and tank top for Knit for Peace. Blanket also sent

March 2018 - Jackets, quilts and dolls for the Tigerlily Trust midwife/Africa

January 2018 - Heart quilts for Tigerlily Trust 

Tigerlily Trust - July 2017. 50 angels for remembrance service

Little Dresses for Africa - June 2017. 3ponchos and 9 dresses

Tigerlily Trust - June 2017
TigerlilyTrust - May 2017

Knit for Peace - April 2017
Emily's Star - February 2017
Project Linus - February 2017

Tigerlily Trust - January 2017

Moses basket blankets, hats and bootees for Baby Basics.


Crystal Waves Crochet stitch   


Doll dresses for Shoe box Appeal. Patterns courtsey of Taffy Lass Knits


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