Friday, 15 October 2021

Friday 15th October 2021

I was back at the food pantry this morning. One lady came in right at the end and was really upset about something so I made her a brew and we had a chat. By the time she'd left I was behind so needed to do my bits of shopping in double quick time. Hopefully she'll feel better for getting a few things off her chest. This is my little haul of stuff. Shampoo, moisturiser, and a few final bits for the shoeboxes. 


I've picked the last of the tomatoes, emptied the trough and planted up the remainder of the bulbs. I've noticed the squirrel has been digging in one of the pots already which I'm not very happy about. I thought he'd just be burying his goodies, but I've had a google and apparently they're partial to eating tulips and crocus bulbs so I'm going to have to buy some netting. In the meantime, I've sprinkled washing powder and squirted white vinegar in the pots as they don't like the smell of that. I didn't realise they ate bulbs, but I'm guessing that's why none of mine have ever grown - because there's a big fat squirrel sat in a tree licking his lips and laughing at me.

Before I came indoors I gave the bird bath a good rinse and because I was too busy to feed them this morning my feathered friends got afternoon tea instead. Then I cut a few more sweet peas for the bud vase. I love these little flowers which is just as well because there's still lots of them flowering.

I've had a bit of a thing for a mid afternoon hot chocolate this week. It warms me up and also staves off the munchies. My taste buds must be changing because I'd usually have cream and marshmallows on top but it just doesn't appeal lately. 

I've started a new Kate Shackleton Book. I try to get through a chapter every night but it depends on how quickly Mark follows me up to bed. It is definitely not relaxing reading with him tossing and turning next to me asking me how long will I be! It's not overly obvious but the bedside cabinet is in desperate need of a good dust so that's a job for tomorrow. 

Tonight I'll be settling down with All Creatures Great and Small and Grantchester. I've stopped watching TV programmes 'live' because the adverts drive me crackers, so I record everything I like then watch it uninterrupted the day after. Much better in my opinion. 

Hope you've all had a lovely day.


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