Sunday, 13 June 2021

Sunday 13th June 2021

I'd just got back from church when a text message came through from Tom's school. Once again he's been in contact with somebody who's tested positive, so he's back in isolation. Frustrating because he's just had 10 days off in May. Even more frustrating because not all his classes will be in isolation. Because of their GCSE options some find themselves at home, others find themselves in school. Booster classes were also starting this week to make up for time lost so he'll miss out on those as well. 

I found these in a box yesterday. Little dresses for the shoebox dolls. I'd forgotten I'd made them but as soon as I saw them  remembered I knitted them when I moved in with Mum before Christmas. It was something to do in the evenings when she'd gone to bed. A quick count revealed I'd made 15 but I hadn't sewn any of them up, the worst part of any knitting or crochet project for me, so I took the bull by the horns and spent last night sewing while watching TV. I need to add beads to a few of them as a finishing touch and then they're done. The sparkly edging is my favourite bit. 

The garden seems to be taking ages to properly come to life this year so it's nice to see the honeysuckle starting to blossom and flowers on the tomatoes. 

Amy came home on Friday for the weekend. Her visits are generally because she's made arrangements to go out with friends and this time it was to celebrate a 21st, so we've not seen much of her. I'm not complaining though. In 10 days she'll be moving back home for at least a year while she does her teacher training. 

Apart from that things are just ticking over here. Hope you've all had a good weekend. xx



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