Friday, 18 June 2021

Friday 18th June 2021

Amy's main placement for teacher training will be at Tom's school and she needed to take some documents in this week so I gave her a lift. While I was waiting for her pupils were streaming out of school, obviously being sent home because of more covid positives. It's definitely got a grip and the new variant really seems to be spreading among the younger generation. I wonder if the 10 day isolation period will be reduced when more people are vaccinated. Speaking from personal experience if it doesn't, I can see Thomas in an endless loop of being in and out of school.

We've started walking on the golf course in the evenings. It's quite busy in one corner and I'm totally oblivious to golf etiquette but thankfully Mark knows what's happening and tells me when to stop and wait. The golfers are very courteous and we always get a thank you for letting them play on. 

The most exciting thing I've done today is colour some desiccated coconut yellow for a baking project. Me and Amy are visiting my sister next week and there'll be an afternoon of cake decorating with my great nephews and niece. It'll be like the GBBO as we'll be outside in a gazebo. 

And the other exciting thing is Amy entered a competition at The Range and won a jar of jelly beans! 

I've put another video up for anybody who wants to have a look. Have a lovely weekend. xx



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