Saturday, 8 May 2021

Saturday 8th May 2021

When I returned to blogging I mentioned that I'd wanted to come back and do something different but that my life and writing style is what it is, and I didn't know how to change that and still keep it authentic. 

But I think making the videos is the answer I was looking for. I really enjoy putting them together and this week have delved into the 'live' side of things. I'm no professional but it's re-awakened my enjoyment for blogging and it's also a lovely creative diversion that I've needed without actually getting anything crafty out and making yet more mess on top of the mess we've been working through the past few weeks. 

I know watching videos isn't everybody's cup of tea but I hope some of you enjoy them. If you do watch it then imagine the clip of me crocheting with my phone wedged underneath my chin because that's the reality of it. Also know I'm such an amateur that I forgot to reverse the camera so I ended up with a load of double chin footage! Maybe the out-takes would be better than the end product thinking about it. All good fun though. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. xx


Thursday, 6 May 2021

Thursday 6th May 2021

After the hectic morning on Tuesday, I've managed to have a quiet couple of days just bobbing along doing whatever needs doing in my own time. 

This is the first of a few small steps I'm taking to look after myself a bit more. Drinking a daily glass of Vit C, which is no hardship because it's really refreshing.  

I've taken a few petals from Mum's funeral flowers to press and keep in her china pot. 

And I've finished the blanket which will be posted to the Macmillan ward at Manchester Hospital. I thought I'd use the last bit of the gold to make 4 tassels for each corner. The wool is reduced to a more manageable pile and I just need to resist buying any more until I've worked through the rest. 

I'm not in the mood for getting anything out craft wise but I'm finding making the videos is filling the creative void. I'm putting one together that will include little clips of movement as well as photos, so that will keep me busy for the next couple of days. 

75% of Tom's year group were sent home on Tuesday because somebody had tested positive for Covid. Tom wasn't one of them which I'm glad about on 2 counts. Firstly, that he's not been in  contact with the positive person and secondly after so many weeks off, I really want him in school. The teachers did a great job with on line lessons but even he said it's not as good as being in class. But sending so many pupils home makes me realise we're not out of the woods yet with this virus.

We're off to vote now. Our usual voting station, the local community centre has been sold so we're going to the pub instead, armed with our own pens as instructed. 

Hope you've all had a good day. xx


Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Tuesday 4th May 2021

Today has been another busy day but at least we had a relaxing Bank Holiday thanks to the weather being so bad there was nothing to do but stay indoors. 

First job was to get Tom off to school, then I had to go to Mum's. She gave strict instructions to clear the house and put it on the market as soon as possible so that's what we've done. The YMCA have taken a lot of things but they wouldn't take the double bed base because it didn't have a fire sticker on. Frustrating as I can't imagine anything being made these days that isn't fire retardant. Anyway, I had to go up this morning and put it outside for the local recycling centre to collect. 

Then I drove down to the tip with more things we've cleared from our house. I feel like I've lived there this past month, but I'm really hoping that's my final visit for a while, although I have a feeling I've already said that. 

After that it was into Middleton where I dropped a couple more bags into the charity shop and a few bits to the foodbank. Then I did my shopping. I also picked up these trays of geraniums and lobelia but they'll be staying tucked up in the shed until it gets a bit warmer. It's freezing today and really windy. 

I did all that in double quick time because the dog groomer was also booked this morning. I literally made it home with 5 minutes to spare before she turned up. By 12.15 she'd left so I made a bite to eat then sat down for an hour which I felt was well deserved. I decided to deconstruct the flower arrangement and make a couple of smaller displays with them. 

Tonight it's pasta ping for tea so at least I don't have to cook. And then I think I'll run a bath and have a long soak and try and warm my cold bones up. 

Hope you've all had a good day. xx



Sunday, 2 May 2021

Sunday 2nd May 2021

Mark took Amy and Thomas to meet Matthew at the driving range yesterday so they could whack a few golf balls down the green. I really enjoyed having the house to myself. More than the peace and quiet it's the lack of movement I appreciate, although after a while I look forward to them all coming home again. 

This week/month I plan to spend some time getting the house back into order. Over the years I've gradually relinquished my quest for show home perfection and have come to accept our home is for living in. Having said that I have red lines and lately we've all crossed them, mainly because I've not been here to raise an eyebrow, or I've purposely re-drawn the line myself because I've been too tired to do otherwise. But it's time to get myself and fellow Number 38-ers back on track. 

Amy has decorated her lounge and the set up now is exactly what she needs - a space of her own to retreat to that isn't her bedroom. She's on the last leg of her Uni journey, just a couple more assessments and she's finished. Those 3 years have certainly flown by. 

She's veering towards a career in teaching and in June starts a placement at her old high school in the English department. I told Tom and he was fine with that until I jokingly said she'd be able to wait for him at the gate and they could walk home together. His face was a picture haha. He's given her strict instructions that if they bump into each other she's not to talk to him. She's told him she can't wait to give him detention. I'm not sure how this is going to pan out but it'll make for some interesting conversations around the dinner table. 

I've done a little video. It gives a flavour of the slower pace I'm trying to achieve, but trust me there's the usual household activity, noise and mess here as well. Oh, and if you could all take a minute to appreciate the bird photos I'd be grateful. They leave a lot to be desired but even so, it's taken me days to get them, our birds seem to be very camera shy!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. xx

Friday, 30 April 2021

Friday 30th April 2021

Mum's funeral went well and the service was lovely. It's a strange thing to say given the event, but it's true. 

It's been a busy and at times stressful few months for me. April in particular has been tough. Physically I'm tired from all the work we've been doing in the house, although it has kept me occupied and it's been a productive couple of weeks. And emotionally and mentally I'm drained with losing Mum and organising all that goes with that. So I'm trying to take some time for myself now and make sure my days tick over at a much gentler pace. 

I feel the need to make a conscious effort to focus more on taking care of myself for a while and sorting through what I call the dead wood in certain areas of my life that have a tendency to drag me down. 

I also need to focus on my enviornment. The house is not how it should be and while I can cope with that for a while if it's a means to an end, it's not something I can happily live with for very long.

There are no dramatic plans, it's basically time for a re-boot. I simply feel the need to 'just be' for a while and properly take the time to sort things out and enjoy and appreciate the small things once again. 

I'm starting with these gorgeous flowers that a relative sent for Mum. Usually the majority of flowers would be donated to hospitals, hospices and care homes but that's not allowed at the moment and we were asked to take them home with us. This beautiful arrangement is on my coffee table and yesterday when I had the house to myself for a little while, which is a rare occurrence lately, I lit a candle and had a quiet few minutes. 

Hope you all have a lovely day and are looking forward to your Bank Holiday weekend. xx

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Sunday 25th April 2021

We've spent most of today building bedroom furniture for Amy's room. After choosing the colour and style she wanted on our visit to IKEA, when it came to purchasing the items, the majority of them were a 6 week wait or out of stock completely, so she's chosen white again. 

She's OK with that. We need to get her rooms sorted out as quickly as possible now because it's dragging on and I want my house back in some sort of order. We've managed to do the wardrobe, bed and bedside table so tonight she'll move rooms. There's still a desk, chair and cabinet to build but that will have to wait a few days now. 

There seem to be BBQ's galore around here today, even Thomas has gone to a birthday one at his friends house. The weather is lovely but I'm having an extra cold day and can't even get warm moving pieces of wood around wearing a jumper and scarf. I feel OK, it's just a side effect of the tablets. 


Tomorrow I need to buy a black bag, take the cards I've written to the florist for the sheaf and posy I've ordered, pop to Iceland for a few bits, pick up some roses and buy a new waterproof mascara. 

We've eaten pizza, chili roasted potatoes and salad for tea. I'm off for a quick bath and then I'll be settling down to watch some TV. 

I've been adding photos to make another video as I've gone along this week which makes an easy job even easier. Hope you've all had a good weekend. xx

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Thursday 22nd April 2021

I needed to go back to the funeral directors today to sign a consent form for the service to be streamed. Mum was a very private person so I'm honestly not sure what she would think about that, but extended family members who can't attend want to 'be there'. Before I committed pen to paper I made sure the cameras are set up at the back of the room. I don't want any up close and personal shots of grieving family. 

Mum was there so I sat with her for a few minutes but only because it was a closed coffin. I wouldn't have gone in otherwise. We were a couple of chatterboxes when we got together and I find myself talking to her all the time about things and keeping her up to date with what's happening, so I told her I was off to order some flowers. I could imagine her saying "don't bother, save your money". 

Back home I needed to do something normal so I've started to tidy the wardrobe. It becomes a dumping ground for anything and everything, including it would seem a random box of Frosties.

I really need to reduce the wool pile and in future try to stick to one project that needs one colour. My mission over the next few weeks is to get all this down to just a couple of balls. 

The easiest way for me to do this is to knit granny stitch blankets. They're a great way of using up odds and ends of wool and I always think they look nice when they're finished. 

We've had an easy but tasty tea of baked potatoes which is one of mine and Amy's favourite meals. Mark had chili and we had salad and feta cheese. Amy went to the dentist yesterday to have a flap of gum tissue cut away from over her wisdom tooth, so her mouth is sore but she's still able to eat. 

I'm going to post this, get my PJ's on, make a cup of tea and watch a couple of vlogs. Hope you've all had a lovely day. xx